Monday, 5 December 2011

seven dollar click -is it a scam

Today I found  a PTC - Paid To Click sites that give you a very attractive income which is 7 dollar per click(180 seconds). you can withdraw after your account achieve a minimum 7000 dollar which if you calculated after 1000 click and if counted 5 click per day, after 200 days(almost a year). but the questions rise is does it pays??? what i can see that most of the PTC's sites only pays their participants merely 0.001 cent's per click and you get 10 ad's to click per day....but yes you can say that you can withdraw your money after a few cents. but bear in mind that a few cents and a few thousands dollar?? so what would you think of this site?? visits the sites at and tell me what you think of it?? for me and this is my opinoin is a scam....logically...nobody would pay you and I meant it especially advertisers would pay you 7 dollar just to view your sites......however I would want to know what you think about it? signing off for now....


  1. YES it is a scam. i filed a complaint at's the link so that you can read my story..

    1. geez. i should have read this before.
      I found out that I'm just wasting my time :(

  2. how to request withdraw On
    i am not understand when i start withdraw first option is

    Payment address / account #:
    whats i put their ?
    i gave payza E-mail but system auto said give account ID In Number?
    i am not Understand whats Account Numbe ri gave their? Kindly Anyone can help me

  3. WHATEVER YOU DO......NEVER GIVE YOUR PAYPAL OR PAYZA password or personal id......... If you do, they will clean up your account to the last cent. THAT IS A VERY, VERY BAD THING.

  4. 2 DAYS BEFORE I REACH 7,000.00, I PAID $85.00 TO UPGRADE TO PREMIUM. Now, I am in the process of trying to dispute.. If paypal can not reach these people in 10 days, paypal will refund my money ....I love paypal. THEY WILL PROTECT YOU FROM ANY SCAMS.

    1. What was the outcome? Did paypal get things taken care of for you?

  5. hi frnds 2 days back i reach 7000 dollars.Can any one tell me the how to withdraw money and how to add the 7000 dollars to my pazza account
    this is my mail

  6. hai friends
    i withdraw $4020 at 31.05.2014 but not Received mony to my paypal A/C

  7. Hello friends,
    Did you read all the terms on that 7 dollar side?
    There they say you must pay 3 month the membership to get the payout.

    Did this terms changed in the last years?
    There is the hint that all payings are lost, if you fall back in the "free" account during this withdrawal time.
    Also if you are a long time inactive you`ll lost all earnings.
    I will give it a try and in Februar 2015 I will tell you what happened.

  8. what happned Mr yomaart, hbody any body receive payment from sevendollarclick???